Help Section

How to download and add videos
- Download the specific video you want here at
- The file will be in .zip format, you will need to unzip this to view the .mp4 video inside.
- You can watch the video using any video/music software that support MP4 file. For a list of software that support MP4 file refer to our FAQ Section.
- Now all you have to is add the video into your PSP, iPod or mobile. To find out how to do this read below.

How to add MP4 Video into your PSP
- Make sure that you have enough space on your PSP Memory Stick.
- Connect your PSP in your computer using your USB cable or Memory Stick Duo Adaptor.
- Open your PSP folder and create a new folder called “MP_ROOT”
- Inside the “MP_ROOT” folder create another folder called “100MNV01″
- Copy the MP4 video inside the “100MNV01″ folder and name the MP4 file M4V#####.MP4 (where the “#” is any 5 digit number) ex. M4V12345.MP4
- Disconnect your PSP from your computer.
- On your PSP, go to Video Files and you should see the movie you just added!

How to convert your own videos into MP4 format.
- Go to our MP4 Converters page for a list of software that will allow you to convert your videos into MP4 format.

If you run into any problem please contact us!